Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Varnishing Doors

Today was spent varnishing cupboard doors and trying to recover from our aches and pains from jumping yesterday. We figured it out and it was a 56ft jump. Yes we agree it was crazy, but if we had the chance we would probably do it again.

We bought a sprayer and we are spraying the varnish on all the doors and they are coming out really well. We have one coat on all of them and they are sanded and we have done one side with the second coat. We hope to finish the second coat on the other side still this evening.

We are off to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow morning to take James brother and his wife to the airport.

The artist at work.

Just so you know all the cases of Coke in the garage are for the burger stand. We don't hardly drink any of them.

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