Friday, October 22, 2010

Mailing Address Change


Just letting you know that my mailing address in Canada P.O. Box 1106 Norwich, Ontario N0J 1P0 as of Oct 31 it will be changed to 325560 Norwich Rd. Norwich, Ontario N0J 1P0.  If you have my address in your records would you be so kind as to make these changes I would appreciate it. Thanks Andrew

Monday, October 11, 2010

On my way back to Moz

I left Ontario Oct 1st. I spent two days in Kansas visiting a friend there. Thanks to many of you who were praying for him. Our visit went very well, but it would be good if you could continue to keep Scott in your prayers.

October 4th Bethany picked me up at the airport in NC. On Tuesday morning Bethany and I ran a few errands and bought ourselves some running shoes. That afternoon I helped Bethany's dad take off some siding on their house that wasn't installed properly and then reinstalled it.

Wednesday bethany took the day off work so we went for a hike up to Table Rock in NC. It was a 7 mile hike and we got our exercise getting up to 3,000 some ft.

The view from the look out half way up.

Standing on top of the world aka Table Rock

Thursday morning I went to a men's breakfast with Mr. Barron and when we got back from that I helped him with some work on his shed that I helped him build when I was here last time. That evening while Bethany was still at work David and Laurel (Bethany's siblings) came over and we play Uno Hearts together. It was a good time to get to know them more.

Friday Mr. Barron, Mr. Johnson a man from their church and myself worked on putting up a utility shed for a lady in their church. We thought it would just take a few hours but we worked on it all day and still didn't even get the roof on. It seems projects often take longer then we think. That evening I went to a football game with Bethany that she was working at.

These pictures are not from Friday night but from when I was in SC last time at a game.

Bethany is an Athletic Trainer and does sports medicine which means she is there to take care of any injures the athletes may have. Here she is doing what she does best.

Saturday evening all of Bethany's family minus her brother Will were at her parents place for a BBQ.
L/R Laurel, myself, Bethany, Sadie(daughter of B&A), David, Bill(Allene's husband), Allene, Mrs. Barron, Kara(oldest daughter of B&A), Mr. Barron

Sunday we went to the church that Mr. Barron pastors. I have gotten to know some people there from the couple times I have been there so it was nice to be able to see them and say goodbye. After church we went out for lunch with Bethany's parents and her brother David.

Before Bethany and I left for the airport David snapped these pictures for us.

Bethany and I said our hard goodbye in Charlotte airport before be parted for the next eight and a half months. We really feel that God has things to teach us through this time that we might not be able to learn any other way. The separation will be hard but we both feel that we are where we are supposed to be and that makes it much easier.

Right now as I type this post I am in the Johannesburg airport in South Africa. I have three flights and 20 hours of flying behind me with two more flights and four hours of flying still to go. I have an eleven hour layover here before I fly to Maputo Mozambique. Then Lord willing I will be staying in Maputo for two days and then flying up to Lichinga on the 14th. One of my two bags did not arrive here in Johannesburg with me. It is supposed to come on the next flight tomorrow night. This is maybe a blessing because that bag would put me quite a bit over my luggage allowance of the Mozambican airline. But with my bag delayed it may mean that it will come after me and that it just might get shipped through for free. This has happened to me in the past and I have been hoping it would happen again. You can pray how you feel comfortable about that, just as long as I do eventually get my bag I will be happy.

Thats all I have for now the next post here will be from Lichinga Lord willing.