Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Beach Day

This morning I grouted the walls except for the walls around the shower because we are waiting till the floor is done. Around 12:30pm we went down to the beach and spent a few hours there. I got some good sun but I don't think I got burned bad enough for it to be painful. Oh I am sorry I probably shouldn't be talking about how sunny and and hot it is here. I do actually get some work done around here sometimes I am not always on the beach. Really

I had some friends that were more then happy to bury me in the sand.

Headed in the right direction, I don't know!!

Siesta time.

Simon using his new found stool.

When we got back late this afternoon I grouted the floor in the bathroom and since then James and I have been working on the bathroom vanity. We just finished and it is 10:30pm and we will probably stay up till 12pm because we will go and get the burger stand at 11:30pm. Thats about it for today.

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