Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Day at the Waterfall

Today we went to a waterfall that James and I went to last time I was here. James wanted to take his brother before he leaves on Thursday. You have to drive for about 45 minutes back into the mountains to get there. It is a beautiful spot. Unfortunately there wasn't any water falling. They are in the dry season now and haven't had any rain for several months so that is why.

We had a great time jumping from the rock. We were jumping from about 50ft at the highest place, none of us had ever jumped from that high, but we sure got a good rush. The part of me that I sit on is very sore from jumping from the highest spot three times. Anyways we were gone for about eight hours and had a very nice time.

Can we make it to the peak?

Some horses trying to find some green grass.

This boulder almost fell it's a good thing I caught it.

This is where we were jumping. You can kind of see three wet strips down the rock and we were jumping from the top of the middle one. The water was very clean, but a little on the cool side.

This is what it looked like last time we went.

A couple silhouettes of me.

Here are a couple more pics of Natalia. She is adjusting to this new world. Maybe not adjusting as fast as some would like. Not much sleep that first night which is normal I guess, so they say, what do I know about it. Anyways she is really cute and I hope to get to hold her here sometime soon.

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Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

I'm so jealous! Jumping from 50 feet?? How fun!

Okay, the picture of you holding the rock is one of my favorites on your blog yet! You're a hoot! =)

The silhouette ones of you are really cool too!

That is some cute baby...