Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Long Promised Pictures

Well here is the newly painted living room I had said I would post pictures of. Dad put most of the paint on I did brushed the edges and cracks and he painted the rest whileI finished the trim on the window. Mom is happy with the colour so we are all happy with it.

The window to the right of the fire place is the one I put in.

It seems winter is setting in. We have seen snow falling the last few days. None of it is staying on the ground here but I have seen cars today with about one foot of snow on their roofs. They must be from London or St. Thomas because they got a lot of snow last night.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Little Music for Your Visit

Thought you might enjoy a little music while you're here if you don't like the song playing just select a different one. If any of you have a special request of a song you would like to listen to while visiting my blog just leave a comment and let me know and I will do might best to get it for you.

I have the painting all finished in the living room and I am just waiting for Mom to have the curtains all wash so I can get a picture with the curtains up. Dad helped me so much, he did most of the painting I did the painting with the brush and then he did all of the rolling and I spent a lot of time finishing the trimming of the window.

Friday, October 24, 2008

One Week and Three Days

Yes, Rebekah I am still alive and I am still in Canada for ten more days. Lord willing I will be leaving Nov 3 to return to Mexico. I will not be in Hermosillo this time but in Santiago about twelve hours drive south of Hermosillo. I will be there till Jan 8.

This is the finished chimney that we put on the Museum.

Tuesday evening I just couldn't resist taking a picture of this.
What a perfect fall sunset

I would be posting more often if I had time but I have been very busy. Being home for less then a month before leave again makes it a little difficult to get everything done that I need to, but I think I am getting there. I have been helping Matthew Dyck finish a Deacon's Bench that he has been working on making for the last three years. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for his Mom three years ago. We figured it was about time to get it done.

I had put a window in our house here the day after I got home and I haven't gotten back at it yet to finish trimming the inside and outside yet so i hope to work on that tomorrow. This evening Dad and I put a coat of primer on the paneling walls in our living room. Mom has been wanting to get it painted for a long time. This is the last project to finish before I leave. I will try to post some pictures of the painted living room soon.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It seems like I get home and then I get so busy that I forget to blog and let you know that I made it home alright. Hope you weren't too worried. I arrived home Tuesday morning about 3:30am. I got a few winks in and then went into work at noon. We have quite a bit of work to get done before we start getting to much frost which could be pretty soon.

This was our first project after I got back. My boss said that the old chimney had a six inch lean to it, so it definitely needed some attention.

We are now working on the Museum in Woodstock. Ya it's a bit of a climb to get up there.

A view from the other side. We are replacing the chimney on the highest peak.

This Saturday I went to Market again in Toronto. This was my last time going for this season. I have enjoyed it, but it is good that it is done too because I need a couple Saturdays to get somethings done before I leave again. Ya Lord willing I will be leaving again on Nov 3 til Jan 8 going down to Santiago, Nayarit Mexico.

This is some sort of decorative gourd. I think it looks like some of those funny plastic balls you can buy at the dollar store, but no this thing really grows on a plant.

It is Thanksgiving Day and our family always gets together. We were a smaller group this year with Tim and Steph now in Mexico and Steph's parents would usually come but they had other plans this year as well so we were a smaller group, but that just meant that we had to eat more. We really do miss them all. Joia called and talked to us while we were all together and then Tim & Steph called as well and we got to chat with them too.

The Delicious Spread

All those who were present.

It seems we have a tradition of taking a hike after eating our meal so that we can make room for some dessert.

Rebekah & Ada

A few fall colours

Aunt Nora & Dad chatting it up.

Mark is using the GPS on his IPhone to figure out just where we are.

Mark & Rebekah

The trees are starting to change

Some geese enjoy the water before it turns too cold.

A Squirrel trying to touch up his sun tan before he checks in for the long winter.

Ah, ya this sure looks a whole lot higher from up here. DON"T LOOK DOWN, DON"T LOOK DOWN.

Aunt Heather, Rebekah, Rob, Mark and Ada is behind Mark somewhere.

The geese making a pit stop on their way south.

Rob & Ada

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cold Canada

Monday before Cynthia and I left we all went to the mall where Becca is the manager of a hair Salon and had lunch with her.

Jade checking out the fountain

The whole gang. Rolland came and joined us as well before he went to work.
Cynthia giving Jade a ride to keep her happy.

I had good flights on the way home and they were on time which is nice. My boss was so kind and came and picked me up in Detroit at midnight. I was home at 3:30 am. I left Tampa and it must have been in the high 80's and I got back here and there was frost on the windshield. I had to put some extra blankets on my bed. I slept for a few hours and then went into work at noon yesterday. We were up working on a chimney. I was wondering if I would still remember how to lay bricks, but my boss says it's like riding a bike, you never forget. I guess he was right. It was a nice change from mopping anyways.

Today we topped the chimney off in the rain and quit at 11. We went out for lunch and then called it a day. Since I still had a good part of the day left I went home and replaced a window in our living room. Mom has been wanting me to do it for a while and the window had just come in before I left for Mexico. I spent the rest of the afternoon on it. It is in but I still have to trim the inside and outside.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I am going Home.

Yesterday we went to Starkey Road Baptist Church with Crumleys. We meet up with the Jim Lindquist family for lunch at Chipotle Mexican Grill. It was excellent food, I had a burrito and it tasted like the real thing.

Aunt Louise, Uncle Jim, Becca Glenn & Marge Crumley, Ruth, Janice, Renee Cynthia, Uncle Tom, Aunt Kathy and Kathrine.
It was a very sunny afternoon, so we decided to go to the beach. By the time we got there it was raining. It rained most of the time that we were at the beach, unfortunately. We went out and swam and it was quite warm even though it was cloudy. We had a good time anyways.

Last night we stayed up talking once again till well after midnight. It has been like that every night. I guess nobody wants to be the first one to go.

Cynthia flies back to Phoenix today at about 5pm and I fly to Detroit at 7pm, so this is our last day here. Becca is at work but we are all going out to eat lunch together one last time. Uncle Tom, Renee and I might go and see the movie "Fireproof" it is put out by the same people as "Fly Wheel" and "Facing the Giants."

Looks like I will be home exactly one month and one week after I left Canada.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

They are Married

Well the wedding is all done and it went quite well. Uncle Tom and Ryan were supposed to be up on the stage before the wedding party came in but they weren't. So the wedding party all came in and the bride started coming and they were still not in because they were never given their queue. I ran out there finally told them they were supposed to be in so they did come out and they were on the stage by the time the bride saw the stage.

Me playing sound man.

The whole party and Uncle Glenn giving a few words and a pray.

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Lindquist

Hanna & Dylan

Becca & Mike

Angie & Anthony

Haley & Jon

Katrina & Brett

Katie & Scott

Kyla & David

Renee & Roland

Frank & Melinda

Tom & Kathy

The cake Becca made.

All the gentle men.

Crumley & Lindquist connection

Frank, Melinda, Amanda, Ryan and Anthony

Renee, Roland, Uncle Tom, Aunt Kathy, Amanda, Ryan and Becca

The Whole Lindquist connection

Deb, Dylan and Ray

Ryan and Mike in their blues. Yes they are in the army but the army is switching to blue instead of green.

The Party

Getting in the Limo

The Lindquist with the Fast(Missionaries from Congo & Kenya)

The reception was at an art lounge. It was a nice rustic building. The art wasn't the most tasteful but it was nice anyways.

The Bride and Groom's cakes.

Ryan and Amanda starting the party with a dance.

There were about 100 people at the reception.

Frank having the second dance before the meal.

It was funny Frank was dancing with Amanda and then Ryan comes over and taps on his shoulder, like hey this is my wife. The had this planned. Frank started dancing away from Ryan with Amanda and then the music change to something much more up beat and Amanda walks back a bit and Frank starts to do this really funny dance to keep Ryan away from Amanda. It was just really funny.

This was the head table. The wedding party just sat with whoever they wanted at the other tables.

They switched up there outfits a little.

Dancing to the "YMCA" song.

Smack, nice shot Amanda.

Jade, being her cute self

Instead of confetti they had sparklers.

Their get away carriage.
The cute couple.

They are going on a caribean crusie tomorrow for six days.

On the way back from the reception Aunt Kathy was driving and a young girl turned right in front of her to go down a one way street the wrong way. Aunt Kathy slammed on the brakes but she still hit them. Uncle Tom and I were already at the house so we drove to meet them. Thankfully noone was hurt. We were there for well over an hour well after the police got all their reports written up.

The front drivers side corner was quite bent up but it was still drive able.

Becca trying to keep Jade happy while they got the accident stuff all sorted out.
About an hour after the accident a fire truck and two ambulances showed up and there were two police cars as well. It was quite the site to behold. It was good that nobody was hurt and needed an ambulance since it took so long for them to arrive.

Stay tuned and I will continue to keep you infromed.