Friday, February 22, 2008

The Kitchen is Finished.

Thursday morning James and I went up to Tepic and picked up Don and we had to get a whole bunch of supplies for the new burger stand. We spent all day getting the stuff and there is still a little more we still need. At about 6:30pm we were finally able to pick up the burger stand from the shop were they were do the modifications on the trailer. We took it over to Don's place which is just down the street from where they will be opening the burger stand. We got back here to Santiago just before 10pm. We wanted to finish the cupboards. We had twelve doors to hang and seven drawer fronts to install. We figured it would only take about two hours. After Corinne went out and got us some tacos we went to work and what do you know it took us longer then we thought, once again. We finished just before 4am. Again we had a long day and a short morning.

It looks pretty nice doesn't it? Well this is what the kitchen looked like when they first moved in. It was termite infested and falling apart.

A year and a half later this is what it looks like. James and I had made the cupboards back in Sept of 06 but didn't get any doors or drawers made at that time.

They still need to get a tile back splash over the counter.

Friday again we went up to Tepic and helped Don does some work on the burger stand. We installed 14 pot lights along the side of the trailer and put outlets and lights inside and started on some of the plumbing. We were only able to be there for about three hours because we had to be back in Santiago for Children's meeting and Ministry meeting. James and I were both just about falling asleep on the way home. These three and four hour nights are starting to get to us a little. I think we are done working the 19 hour days now.

It is nice to be able to leave and have the projects that I started finished. That is why I came back this time so soon because when I left last time I was only half done what I had started. I only have two days left here and I will be returning to the cold North. I am pretty sure that I am going to freeze, so pray for me.


Judy said...

Very impressive guys! I'll bet Amy is relieved to finally have it all done... whew! Yep, it's cold here, see you soon Andrew. love, Mom

Heather said...

Aww but it is only -6?! Only water freezes at that temperature :P

The kitchen looks *beautiful* -- good work!

Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Wow! It's gorgeous! What a transformation!

As for Mom's comment... I think Nelly will care a lot more about it than Amy, don't you think? =)

Andrew said...

Yes you're right Joia Nelly does really like the cupboards. Corinne likes them so much she says she is going to stay here.

Water doesn't freeze around here very often because we are usually in the high 20s C. I will be brought back to reality in just a few days. I have me sweaters all ready.

Holly Wagner said...

So glad to hear that you were able to complete everything! It looks AWESOME!

Tim & Steph said...

Hey Andrew,

You guys have done an excellent job there - very fine craftmanship for a couple of amateurs! I figure you'd have time to do ours before you head to