Monday, November 26, 2012

On to Florida and August

Alright... going to try and actually get up-to-date eventually, so from by brother's wedding in Chattanooga, we headed south to visit Andrew's sister Joia and her family.
Crossing into Florida... always brings back memories of so many trips to/from the Carolina's as a kid!
We had a fun, relaxing visit with Joia, Philip, Keenan, Moriah, and Caleb.  Of course Andrew and I made a trip or two out to the gorgeous beach... so love expanses of water and bridges! Pretty much always get at least one picture that looks like this:
LOVE bridges. LOVE water. LOVE Florida!
We spent a good portion of a day out on Philip and Joia's new jet ski!  SO much fun.  We had a blast driving the SeaDoo, pulling and riding the tube, and just hanging out with Joia and the kids.  Driving is certainly my favorite part... perhaps I should not have that much speed and water at my disposal on a regular basis!  It's a fabulous challenge though to manage to throw Andrew off the tube =)  He didn't have to work quite so hard to throw me off... I didn't get too many pictures, so most of these are courtesy of Joia's camera and photography skills.

Both of us getting some fun driving time...

Hangin' on!
Looking for ??? crabs???

We had all sorts of other fun while we were in Florida... I just don't have pictures to show for it!  We headed home at the end of the week and my work cranked up for the fall that Monday with the start of football preseason.

As for other events of August....
- As Andrew mentioned and posted picture evidence of, we officially established our business!  A.B.W. Construction, LLC
- And we moved into a different/bigger apartment within the same complex... thanks to the awesome work of some of my siblings and their spouses who could come help, it was a Very smooth and quick move!

Only other pics from August are some goofy ones with some of my nieces and nephews =)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

House Videos

I have been away from blogging for too long that I don't know how to included these in my last post.

A.B.W. Construction

As of August first we started our own business A.B.W. Construction.  I have been asked multiply times to put some pictures up on here of some of the work i have been doing so here is a house that I have been working on for the last two months and it is almost done.  

What the house looked like when I first arrived in late September.

The floors and ceilings were in very poor shape.  I put down new plywood over all the floors and took down all the drywall ceilings and put up new ones.

The very small bathroom in need of some help.

This is what the out side of the house looked like when we took the old vinyl siding off.  There wasn't any insulations in the walls so where you see the little white circles that is where we had insulation injected into the walls.

All the new siding on.

Deck finished and stained.

The living room with the new vinyl flooring.

This flooring is in 3'/6" pieces and it is glued down and it is a very durable floor used in a lot of grocery stores and WalMarts.

This picture looks into the corner where the fire place used to be as you saw in the second picture in this post.

And this is of course looking at the same bathroom as the third picture in this post but with a couple of changes and a missing window.

This is our company van.

I will post more pictures of the finished product in a week or so.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beginning to recap the last few months...

Since our wedding in June, it has been a busy 5 months... Andrew has given me permission to take over... oh, I mean, update... his blog, so I will try to briefly update on the happenings with some pictures interspersed =)

Following our honeymoon, I had a few days off of work so that we could get settled in a bit.  Once I started back working, Andrew was largely working to finish in my parents' kitchen.  One of these days I will post pictures of the completed project!

At the end of June, my sister Laurel and (then) future sister-in-law Brittany made the drive to Chattanooga, TN for a fun girls' weekend with my other (then) future-in-law Sarah!  Completely unplanned, but somehow the 3 of us traveling together all matched =)
Laurel, myself, Brittany
We had a fun, relaxed evening with Sarah, her maid of honor Becca, and the party hostess, Lisa.  The following morning was a fun pajama party brunch and shower for the bride-to-be!  

The pretty decor...

Sarah =)
Such a fun time!  The day continued with a trip out on Sarah's parents' sail boat.  But it was a hot, still afternoon, so we motored out into the middle of the river and jumped in for a swim =)  Great time together that ended all too shortly as we had to get back to SC that evening...

~July 4th ~

Downtown Greenville waiting on the fireworks display atop a building that will go unnamed.... let's just say it has to be one of the easiest accessed and best unoccupied spots downtown with a fabulous view =)  
My sister, Allene, and her kiddos, my parents, and us
A few weeks later it was wedding time again for my family as my brother Will and Sarah got married on July 21st!  Andrew and I left early Saturday morning and drove the "mountain route" (instead of through Atlanta) to Chattanooga.  Beautiful drive and made it to Chattanooga in plenty of time for the wedding day luncheon.

The weather in Chattanooga was SO wet.  We took a drive up Signal Mountain to the wedding location before lunch and pictures don't do justice to the magnitude of water flooding the road, gushing down the sides of the road, and pouring off the sides of the mountain!  
Before needing to get ready for the wedding, Andrew and I went for a quick run.... sightseeing at the same time...
Walnut Street Bridge

Market Street Bridge from the Walnut Street Bridge
 The weather was a little temperamental, but we ran across the Walnut Street Bridge and through Coolidge Park on the opposite side.  Beautiful park!  Wish we could have had more time... they had set up one of the bridge support towers as a climbing wall... so cool, but we were Very out of time =(
Walnut St. Bridge from Coolidge Park
While the rains did stop before the wedding that evening, the ceremony was moved indoors and went beautifully.  Sadly, I really did not take pictures, but here is one of my immediate family.
From Chattanooga, We headed south to Florida for a visit with Andrew's sister Joia and her family!  Will save that for a different post...