Sunday, February 10, 2008

15 More Days in Mexico

I have already been here for one month and three days, with only 15 left to go. It doesn't seem like it has been that long but as they say time flies when you're having fun.

Friday I had my patience tested again as I laid the tile in the shower. They are one inch square tiles and about 130 glued to a mesh about a foot square. They are very difficult to lay as I found out, this being my first time laying them. They tend to end up quite wavy and hard to level and I wasn't laying them on a level floor because the shower floor slopes in all directions to the drain. Anyways it took me about three hours to lay 2 sq meters, which is a long time for that amount of tile. I also relay the tiles I had to pull up to fix the plumbing. It is really starting to look like this bathroom is almost done.

Saturday was a wonderful day, because I cut the last few pieces of tile for the bathroom and now I am officially done tile setting. Unless I put a tile back splash in the kitchen, there are roams of such, but that won’t be for a little while yet. I cleaned the tile saw and got it all put away. I had been cutting all the tiles out on the balcony off of James and Nelly's room and there was a big mess there and I got that all cleaned up. While I was doing these things James and his brother were planning all the cedar boards that we are going to make the kitchen cupboard doors out of.

Shortly before lunch we started cutting, routering and sanding the boards for the doors. We are making flat panel doors because raised panels will take a lot more wood, cost a lot more and more work too. Not that we mind working or anything but…. By 11:30pm we had eleven doors made, sanded and glued together, two for the bathroom vanity and half the kitchen cupboard doors. We hadn't expected to get that far our first day working on them.

All the side pieces for the lower doors in the Kitchen

We thought this was square but we just couldn't figure out what was wrong.
Probably to much Coke

Who says it doesn't snow in Mexico

The almost finished product

Sunday mornings we are out of here by 8 or before. We normally all go in the bus together but these days we have been taking a car just in case Nelly decides she is going to have her baby. She is due anytime now.

If you remember we just got the bus back from the shop on Thursday. Well it just made it back up to Tepic and as we were pulling into the parking lot at Church it would hardly go forward or reverse. It will return to the shop once more this week and we'll just have to see how long we are without it this time.

I know I haven’t really made it clear why I am going to Mozambique and some have asked. I am working on getting some details together and I will post them as soon as I can. Anyone feeling called to go to Mozambique with me yet?


Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

First off - the shower (well, the whole bathroom) looks Awesome! What amazing work you do!

Also, I LOVE the picture of you and James goofing around while making the cupboards, so funny! =0) They DO drink a lot of Coke don't they? I've noticed the cases and cases of it in the garage in several pictures...

You said (about the baby) "He's due any day", do they know it's a boy, or are you just assuming, or was that a mistake?

Andrew said...

Thank you things are turning out well. I have ment to mention that all those cases of pop in the garage are for the burger stand they do not drink all of those themselves.

When I said he is do it was a spelling error, it was supposed to say, She is do anyday, meaning Nelly. She did have a girl this morning though and I will be posting some pictures today.