Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Few Days Left and A Lot of Work

I have one week left and we are kind of feeling the crunch now. Yesterday we got the vanity installed in the bathroom. We had to clamp the edge on the vanity counter top. As you can see that was quite the under taking but it worked well. We finally got to use the shower last night for the first time.

We just have to varnish the edge and it will be finished

The finally finished bathroom

After finishing the bathroom we hung all the doors we had made for the kitchen. Then we made another nine doors to finish the lower cabinets and for the uppers cupboards that are already made. It was another late night or I guess early morning is more like it, but we really want to have the kitchen done by the time I leave, so we have to do whatever it takes. We still have to make the cupboards to go over the stove and all the drawer fronts.

James installing some doors

We are really happy with the way the doors are turning out. This is really the first time for either of us making cupboard doors. God is good and He has given us the abilities to do this. We have been joking and saying that we should think about going into cabinet making, in our spare time.

I would appreciate your prayers as I am trying to contact the airline in Mozambique that I will be flying with inside the country. I have not yet been able to make final arrangements and book my tickets and I should do that soon.

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Judy said...

Good job on the cupboards guys, Really Good!!!Mom W.