Monday, February 25, 2008

I am in Denver

Well it is 6:30pm in Denver I arrived here about 5:30 from Puerto Vallarta and it was snowing when we landed. James, Corinne, Andrew and I left Santiago this morning at 7 and went to Tepic and had breakfast with Don and Berna. Don came with us to Puerto Vallarta as well as Sandy she is a young girl from Tepic. They were going to be picking up two people who were flying in. One is a friend of Corinne's and the other is a friend of Sandy's.

Every think went well accept for a little problem just as we were leaving Tepic (We will leave that alone though right James.) It was a slow drive to Puerto Vallarta it is one lane and very curvy so it is hard to pass slow trucks.

I was able to get a little sleep on my first flight hopefully I can get some more on the next flight because I won’t be home before 3am Tuesday morning. My boss has been so kind to offer to come and pick me up. Thanks so much John.

We will be boarding here in about 20 minutes and I thought I would take advantage of the free wireless here. Looking forward to be home in a few hours.

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