Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am home.

I arrived home this morning just after 5am. The roads were snow covered so I took it slow on the way home. I was blessed to have three seats to myself, so I laid down and sleep the whole flight from Denver to Detroit. It was a good thing because John had been at the airport since 9pm and I arrived at 12:30am and he hadn't got much sleep so he wanted me to drive home. We had a great time getting caught up on the happenings at work since I left. Sounds like there is plenty to do before I leave in three weeks. I was going to go into work today but I decided not to and I didn't end up getting up till about 11am, this is not common practice just so you know. I got everything unpacked and opened the mountain of mail I had from over the seven weeks while I was gone.

Now I have to continue making arrangements for leaving for Mozambique and Lord willing I will be going to India during July and August with Teen Missions and I have paper work for that I have to get finished up before I leave again. Seems there is always plenty to do, but that is good I like being busy.

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