Friday, October 30, 2009

Traveling to Mozambique

My travels so far have been very good and praise the Lord I haven’t lost any luggage. Even though my suit case came open and obviously spilled all over and someone throw the stuff back in and rapped it with cello- phane. It might have been over packed a little and the latches were almost worn out, so that is why it opened. My 15 hour flight to Johan- nesburg, SA went by relatively fast and I think I was able to get several hours of sleep which always helps a lot.

I stayed with a young couple over night in Johannesburg. They are the son and daughter in law of the couple I stayed with in Durban back in June. They we very hospitable and went out of there way to see that I was comfortable.

Thursday morning they took me to the bus station with my 92kgs of luggage and we get there only to find out that there is a 30kg weight limit and you are supposed to pay by the kg for extra. We got out to the bus and the driver tells me I am supposed to make prior arrangements if I bring this much luggage. I wasn’t aware of this and he said that he wasn’t sure I could take it all and would have to wait till all other passengers were on. Thankfully there was plenty of room and all my luggage fit and nothing extra was charged.

A few sights from the bus.

One of the many construction projects going on around South Africa getting ready for the World Cup next year.

I arrived in Maputo at the guest house here by 6pm. I have today to rest a little and then I catch another bus at 3am Saturday for a 17 hour ride to Beira. Please keep this trip in your prayers as the roads are very poor. There is also a weight limit for luggage on this bus so please pray that I might not have to much trouble getting it all to Beira. Thanks for your prayers. Andrew

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm a new Uncle

Brayden Lukas Woodford
Proud Parents Rob & Ada

And the Uncle that as so glad that Brayden came before he left.
Proud Grandma

I am on my way now to Mozambique I hope to arrive there sometime on Thursday.