Friday, August 5, 2011

Since Africa

The time since I left Mozambique on June 21st has gone by so quickly. Bethany and I flew back together. We had a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam so we took the opportunity to enjoy the sights of the city for a few hours. We arrived in Atlanta quite rested surprisingly enough on the evening of the 22nd and Bethany's parents were there to pick us up. Mr. & Mrs. Barron were so kind and let me stay with them for the 6 weeks that I was in South Carolina. It was a very good time to get to know Bethany and her family better.

Bethany and me in Amsterdam

July 3rd and 4th Bethany and I went on a kayak trip with Bethany's brother David and his girlfriend and three of David's friends. That was my first time to really kayak. We kayaked 10 miles each day through some very beautiful lakes and tributaries. Definitely going to have to do it again sometime.

Gliding along.

Finally made it to our camp site, a little tired.
Our camp site.

We got back from our kayaking trip in time to catch some supper before going to watch the fireworks downtown Greenville. We got to go on top of the three story building where Bethany's brother-in-law Bill works to watch them.

Bethany's family knows I can't sit around for very long without having something to do, so they were kind enough to give me some projects to work while I was there. I had the privilege to work with Bethany's brother in-law Bill, building a deck on his house.

Mr. Barron and I also worked together on finishing up some bathroom renovations that have been in the works for a bit longer then they had hoped they would have been. We just had to lay the tiles on the floor, tile the shower, paint the walls and put down some baseboard. It's always nice have a reno project finish especially when it has been in the works for quite sometime.

Bethany had a few things at the High School where she works that needed to be done, so I got to help out there as well. One of the things she needed done was for a water horse to be made. It is basically a water fountain for ten people, on the side lines of the practice football field, so that the athletes can keep themselves well hydrated.

Last Sunday my sister Joia and her two kids drove up to SC from Florida. She spent the night there, then we drove up to Ohio on Monday. Tuesday we drove the rest of the way to Ontario. it is good to be back and see family and have some time to visit friends. I am back in Ontario for about a month and a half or two and then I will be going back down to SC.