Sunday, February 3, 2008

To You I know And To Those I Don't Know

Saturday morning I got a few pieces of tile laid in the bathroom. In the afternoon I went up to Tepic with James, we were supposed to go and pick up the bus that we use to go to church on Sunday. Last Sunday, on our way to Tepic the transmission quite working on the bus, so it has been in the shop all week. We were told that it would be done by 4pm, but once we were up there he told us then that it won't be done till Monday or Tuesday of next week. This is Mexico and this is how things go sometimes. We also went to order the tile for the shower floor. We were told that we could have the tile by Tuesday of next week, but Monday is a holiday so now they are saying we might get the tile by Thursday. While we wait for the tile to come in we will go ahead and make a vanity for the second bathroom and maybe start working on some kitchen cupboards if we still don't have the tiles.

Sunday morning since we didn't have the bus we had to take three vehicles, so that we could take the twelve of us and the other Christians here from Santiago. This afternoon we have had some good discussions over some scriptural questions. We enjoy searching things out and trying to find if these things are true, or are they things that maybe aren't right clear in scripture and we need to make sure that they don't end up dividing us, because we have different convictions.

I hope you each had an encouraging day with what ever group of Christians you were with today. Maybe you are reading my blog and you don't meet with Christians and maybe you aren't a Christian. Maybe you are turned right of at people who call themselves Christians and yet don't live their lives any different then those who don't call themselves Christians. I want you to know that kind of tics me off to. I think if you are going to claim the name of Christ then there should be signs in your life that you belong to Him. Things like having patience; loving those who do you wrong, not treating someone badly like they treated you. Most of all though what it means to be a Christian is realizing that Jesus Christ came to this earth with the soul purpose of dying on the cross to forgive our sins. Now all that He asks is that we believe that He has forgiven our sins and He wants us to come into a relationship with the ultimate Father (God.) You might not have a good relationship with you biological father, but Our Heavenly Father will always keep His promises and will always be there and ready to help you. Sorry this got kind of long but I know that there are some people reading my blog and I don't know you and you don't really know me. Maybe this whole topic of God is really confusing to you and you aren't sure if God really existence. I would challenge you if you want to know if God is real, ask Him to some how reveal Himself to you or some how make it known to you that He cares about you and Loves you. I have no doubt in my mind that He does, but you need to know for yourself.

Ok good day if I made you mad I am sorry that was not my intention, but I felt I needed to share that. I had better sign off we are leaving for Sunday school and Gospel meeting now. Till next time.

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