Saturday, February 23, 2008

Second Last Day in Mexico

This morning we went up to Tepic and picked up Don and Berna and went out for breakfast with them at a nice Swiss Cafe.

Levi wearing James sunglasses

Clockwise from left: Levi, Berna, Don, James, Simon, Nelly, Natalia, Andrew (Sorry you can only see his arm and leg) and Corinne

After breakfast Don, James, Levi and I went to find a fridge for the new burger stand, while the ladies and the childs went back to Don and Berna's house. We had ordered a fridge on Thursday that was supposed to come today. They called this morning and said that it had a dent and maybe we should come by and see it before they delivered it. Well the dent was the smallest problem. It was supposed to be new but it was dirt and scratched and showed a lot of sign of use. It was way out of square and the sliding doors wouldn't close, so we didn't get it.

We went to a few other appliance stores and finally found a fridge that would work. James and Don had a few other things they needed to get, so I rode with the guy from the appliance store to show him where Don's house was. When he tide the fridge on he just put one rope over the top of the fridge. The fridge is just over six feet high and about two feet square. We thought that he would put a rope around the fridge, so that it couldn't tip over, but we also figured that this guy must move a lot of appliances and should know how to tide them down. Well we were almost to Don's house and the fridge fell with the front down. The appliance guy was not a mite bit happy. We stood it back up and drove to Don's place and I called James. We figured that we would still take the fridge it had some damage but we took it back and we were able to replace the damaged parts. That was how I spent a good part of my afternoon.

Berna made a great chicken dinner for us then we got the plumbing pretty well done and the electrical finished. It all takes a lot of time but it is turning out well.

On the left is the window where they will take orders.

The grill at the front and a deep frier on the right.

The table on the outside with the holes is for containers to hold all the burger toppings.

Natalia and I becoming good friends.

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