Friday, February 1, 2008

It's Coming Along

Wednesday I poured the shower floor and put some more tiles on the walls. Wednesday afternoon we had the children’s meeting again and there most have been about 50 people there with children and adults. Then later in the evening they have a ministry meeting as well and the place was right full there as well with over 50 people.

Thursday I finished the tiles on the wall and started some lay out on the floor. It is turning out well even if I do say so. Thursday evening we went up to Tepic because Sandy Higgins (which some of you know) was sharing ministry on John 15. Then he is speaking in Puerto Vallarta on Friday and Saturday. He had some good things to share and we were blessed to have been there.

Today I tiled the floor and it is starting to look like we are getting somewhere. James went into Tepic yesterday to try to get the tile for the shower floor and surprise, surprise nothing was in stock and it has to be ordered. It sounds like it will only take a few days we hope. We cannot use the same tiles and the rest of the floor because we need smaller ones because the floor slopes towards the drain and we can't lay big tile like that.

Well I have to get ready now to leave for children’s meeting in a few minutes.

The tiles have some dust on them that is why they look kind of weird.

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Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Wow! What a huge difference between these last two pictures! Excellent work, Andrew! =)