Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lots of News

It is kind of hard to know where to start when I haven't updated this in over a month. I will let the pictures do most of the talking. I guess I can start back in Africa. I had a good safe flight from Lichinga Mozambique, up to Atlanta on July 14th. That was only 3 flights and 21 hours of flying but didn't feel that long. Maybe because of who was waiting for me at the airport.

My biggest news is that four years ago I met Bethany she and I were two of four leaders on a Teen Missions team to Ethiopia. We were leading a soccer team and we were using soccer as a means of sharing the gospel. At the end of this past January God gave us peace to begin a relationship. Bethany met me at the airport in Atlanta. I then spent a week with her parents in Greenville SC. It was a very happy reunion to see each other after four years.

Our first picture together.

While in Greenville I got to help Bethany's father build a 24/16 foot shop in his back yard. It was nice to spend time with him and get to do some North American still construction which I had kind of missed while working in Mozambique.
Bethany's brother Will in the white shirt came to help us put the roof on.

Mr. Barron and I working on installing the last bits of sheeting on the walls.

After a week in South Carolina, Bethany and I flew up to detroit where Rob and Ada picked us up and brought us up to Ontario. Bethany stayed for a week. It was a very busy week seemed like we were always running somewhere.

That week my whole family minus my sister Joia and her husband Philip and their two children took a small train ride on a very old train.
My grand mother passed away on July 24 at the age on 91. She was a Christian and her health hadn't been good and she was ready to go home to be with her Lord and Saviour.
All five of us siblings at the visiting. Tim, Mark, Rob Joia and Me.

Here is a family pic of all of the Woodford side of the family that was at the funeral. Very rare that we get a picture like this.

My niece Moriah hold a rose from one of the floral arrangements.

The week that Bethany was here came to an end all too soon and on the 29th of July she flew back to SC. We are very thankful for the time we had together and we are continuing to seek the Lord for his direction for us. We would covet your prayers.

The first week of August our whole family spent a week together at a cottage in Blue Mountain near Collingwood. It was a large octagon cottage with eight bedrooms. We had a very fun week together. Our whole family doesn't get together very often now and seeing as we are all spread between four countries and two continent that makes things harder as well.

Our whole crew.

Mom and Dad (aka Bruce & Judy)

Tim, Steph, Mika Shaelyn, Kyla and Vivian

Mark & Rebekah

Rob, Ada & Brayden

Joia, Philip, Keenan & Moriah

Moriah, Kyla and Me

All us bros and Dad

This is an air filled ball that kids can get inside and be rolled around in. This kid was a bit too big to play with it properly.

After the cottage week I started back to work with my boss that I worked for while I was here in Canada before. He was even willing to take me back even after I left him for nine months. What a blessing he is to me.

You may remember that I had written the test last July to try to get my motorcycle license. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get it while I was home last time, because all the drive test centres went on strike. Fortunately I still had till the first of September this year to take the driving test. I just went yesterday and took it and I passed so I finally have my motorcycle license. I have gotten it so that i am able to ride larger motorcycles in Mozambique so far I have only been able to drive 50cc motorbikes.

My friend Albert lent me his bike and riding gear to use for my test. Thanks so much Albert.

I am allowed to take a passenger but this might be a bit too many.

It has been good to be back in Canada to reconnect with friends and family. I would like to get to see as many of you as possible while I am home so if you have a free night let me know I would like to get together with you.