Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Long Days, Short Nights

Monday we spent the whole day from about 9am till midnight making the rest of the cupboards doors and drawer fronts and some shelves. It is amazing how time consuming this cupboard making business is. James and I are quite enjoying it and having a lot of fun while we are working.

Tuesday we had to make a few more shelves and make the light valance for under the upper cupboards. We had to varnish twelve doors, seven drawer fronts and a bunch of shelves. We had all the varnishing done by about 11pm. Then we just started installing the upper cupboards. We had put some of the uppers up about a year and a half ago but we put them to high so we had to lower them then hang the cupboards over the stove. We installed the range (exhaust fan over the stove) and put the light valance on. It looks really cool we put pot lights under the upper cupboards shining down on the counter. Maybe it doesn't sound like that much work but we started Tuesday morning at 9:30 and we work for 19 hours straight and finished at 5am this morning.

Freshly varnished doors

The upper cabinet for over the stove and some drawer fronts drying after being varnished.

We were having company over for lunch today so we knew that we couldn't be working in the kitchen during the day and it just made sense to do the work in the kitchen at night when no one else was around. We then got almost three hours of sleep and got up had breakfast and then drove up to Tepic for our fastest trip to Tepic ever. We left here at 10am and we were back by 1:15pm and it takes an hour driving either way and usually it is a minimum of about four or five hours round trip.
James is having another burger stand made and one of the Christians in Tepic is going to run it for him. The burger stand was supposed to be done and we were going to pick it up. But surprise, surprise it wasn't done, so it is supposed to be done tomorrow afternoon. We also had to get a few more hinges and door hands for the cupboards doors. We made it back just before the Cains (One of the other missionary families that live in Tepic) got here for lunch. We had a good time together this afternoon before the children’s meeting and ministry meeting this evening.

Well I have about four more days here. Lord willing the cupboards will be finished. They still would like to have a tile back splash put in over the counter sometime and a few more jobs that need to be done that will have to wait till next time, whenever that maybe.

Here are a few random pictures of the boys

Simon wearing my hat.
Simon, Andrew and me playing with Mega blocks.

This is why they don't often ask me to feed the boys.

From Left to Right: Sammy Cain, Levi, Me Simon and Andrew


Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Are we going to get to see pictures of the new range, and cool pot lights?

Please, please tell me you didn't actually drive anywhere with all those little boys on the motorcycle!

Judy said...

Did you shave off your goatee??? Can't see it in any of the pictures. Looks like you got a fairly short hair cut. See you soon... love, Mom

Andrew said...

Yes Joia i drove with all three of the boys just Sammy wasn't on there. They love going for rides with me. They hold on very well and we fly around. Ya I have some pictures of the kitchen will post them soon.

Ya Mom I did shave my goatee off, oh about two weeks ago or so. Just thought I would like a change.