Friday, February 15, 2008

God's Travel Plans

Thursday morning we left at about 7am to take James brother and his wife and three daughters to the Airport to fly back to Canada. We first went up to Tepic and went out for breakfast with Don and Berna. We left Tepic around 9:30 and it took us about three hours to get to Puerto Vallarta. We arrive at about 2pm and their flight was supposed to leave shortly before 3. They went to check in and the person at the counter told them they couldn't let there youngest daughter on the plane because she didn't have a passport. She was only four weeks old when they left Canada and there was no way that they could have gotten a birth certificate and a passport in that short time so they just had a letter from the city she was born in saying that she really was who they said she was. That had worked fine to get down here but there was no way for them to get her into the states without a passport and they were supposed to be flying through the states. For a while we weren't sure if they would be leave or not. I had prayed and asked God to work this out, because there was nothing that we could do that was going to change the situation. Finally United Airlines said that they would transfer their tickets over and put them on a direct flight to Toronto with Air Canada. It ended up working out so much better for them and they got in two hours sooner then their other flight would have. God is so good, He knows the out come and we just have to trust Him and know He has the plans all made.

We didn't get back here to Santiago till just before 11:30pm. We had to do a few things in Puerto Vallarta before we left and then we had to stop in Tepic on the way back, so it made for one long day. We still had to go and pick up the burger stand and we got to bed around 12:30 am.

Friday morning we left at 7:30am to go back up to Tepic. We had to get charcoal for the burger stand as well as some more plywood for the cupboards. We also had to try and find some sealer for the tiles in the bottom of the shower. We did find some and I got the tiles sealed this afternoon when we got back.

I think I need to make it an early night tonight because I am feeling a little sleep deprived.

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