Monday, October 10, 2011


Bethany and I had been dating for over a year and eight months, and it was definitely time. I was trying to think of how to propose. Bethany is an athletic trainer, so I thought about maybe having the announcer pop the question to her for me after a football game, but I knew Bethany wouldn't want that. I decided we should hike a mountain and I could propose there.

This past Saturday we hiked up Looking Glass Rock in North Carolina. It's at an elevation of 3,969ft above sea level. The trail head is at 2,269 ft so we ascended 1,700ft over our 3 mile hike. It's a nice hike through the woods this time of year with all the trees are starting to change colour.

Looking Glass Rock

We hiked for a little over an hour, and we were getting kind of hungry, so we stopped on a large flat rock area called "The Heli Pad." We admired the brilliant colours in the trees as we relaxed and ate our lunch.

The view of the trees from the Heli Pad

Enjoying some nice sun while sitting on the not so comfortable Heli Pad.

I'm sorry these pictures aren't quite in order. I think you know what this picture is without any explanation. lol

We finally got to the top, and quite a few people were sitting around. I didn't want to pop the question in front of others, so we found a little more secluded area. We enjoyed the view for a bit, I asked her to marry me, (in a few more words than that,) SHE SAID "YES!!!!!"
Thank you, Bethany. I love you.

The newly engaged couple.

A panoramic view from where we were.

The results of a Sunday afternoon photo shoot.

My Fiancée
It's not her fault, I started it.

We don't have a date picked yet, but we are thinking some where around Late spring or summer, 2012. This