Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Little Change in Plans

In my last post I was talking about going ahead on the school and hoping to be well on the way with it by now. Unfortunately our rainy season has been quite dry up until the last few days. That meant that we didn't have any extra water for me to be able to use for mixing concrete for the school. I had to kind of set that aside for a while.

I have been helping Kevin lay some blocks for his house. He and Katherine are going back to the states they are leaving middle of this month for a few months and they want to have the blocks all done before they leave so I am trying to help them when I can with that.

They also want to get the Admin building finished before I go on to the school. It needs a little work on the roof and windows and doors installed and some work in the bathroom.

A couple of days this past week I helped with some kid sitting for several SIM missionary families who were in town for a conference. There we about 12 children ranging in ages 3 to 17. I had a lot of fun with them, playing hide and seek, cops and robbers, doing crafts and eating snacks. Here are few pictures of the kids.

Making Bird Houses and colouring them.
Painting Bird Houses.
Some were more into computer games then making Bird Houses:)

This past week I went out for a walk around our property. It is such a beautiful time of year right now as the rains are coming and everything is turning green after having been brown for several months. The insects all come alive and the frog chirrup all night. It is amazing how God has made the different seasons. Also all the brilliant coloured flowers are beginning to bloom. This is a little taste of what it is starting to look like here. Sorry I don't have names for any of the flowers or insects.