Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Last Day in Maputo

My time here in Maputo has gone by so fast and I have enjoyed it so much. I am going to miss this place and the neat people I have met here. This morning I was able to help out a little with some work here. One of the bathroom ceilings was pealing very badly. I scraped and painted it.

After that I got most of my things packed up and ready to go because I have a taxi coming tomorrow morning at 4:30am to pick me up, so I can be at the airport for 5am. My flight leaves at 6:30 and I arrive in Lichinga at 11am after landing at two other airports along the way.

After lunch Juanita took me out to the foreign exchange to change some money and we also went and got some natural bug repellent, because I don't like using anything with deet. This kind uses some essincial oils and seems to work well. The best guard against malaria is just not to get bitten by a mosquitoes, I have been bitten by some already but hopefully not by too many more.

Once we got back, Evangelina had asked me to help her with some issues she was having with Excel for their accounting. I don't really know excel that well, but I helped here for several hours and we seem to fix most of her problems. Juanita and Evangelina have said to me "Maybe you weren't planning on being here this long but God must have wanted you here for longer so you could help us. " They have a lot more things that need to be done here. I could probably spend a month working here if I had it. Maybe another time, but for now I have to go to Lichinga.

Well I have been blessed with good Internet connections at the places I have been, but I am not sure if that will continue to be the way things go. Send me an email and let me know how you are doing when you get a chance.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you too Andrew! We're glad to see that you're safe and that everything is working out so well. We're praying for you, and really enjoy keeping updated by reading your blog. Have a good flight tomorrow.
Love you,
Mark and Rebekah

Andrew said...

Thanks M&R Love you lots.