Saturday, March 22, 2008

I am in Maputo, Mozambique

Felipe took me to the airport this morning at 7:30. We got to the airline counters and South African Airline had a monstrous line in front of it. It would have taken me more than an hour to get through the line. I wasn't checking any luggage because mine was checked all the way through from Detroit to Maputo. I was able to go right to the front of the line and God did it again, made a way where there seemed to be no way.

I boarded the plane at 9 we were supposed to take off at 9:35, but for some reason three people got on the plane and then had to get off and they had to find their luggage and get it off as well. It must have taken them about 35 minutes to find all the luggage and get it of. We were about half an hour late taking off. Again God placed me by a Christian, like my last two flights. This man was a Brazilian and he is pastoring a church here in Maputo. There are many Brazilians here in Mozambique because it is Portuguese speaking, just like Brazil. It was a quick 45 minute flight into Maputo. I was going through the passport check and I had to get a visa. I had thought that it was going to be about $100.00, but it was only $25.00. There immigration process is not the most efficient you might say. There must have been about 35 people needing visas. They seemed to be running from this office to that booth and back again with our passports while we all stood and wondered if we were ever going to get them back again. There was supposed to be a taxi waiting for me and I was wondering if he was still going to be there when I got out. After a little more then an hour I got my passport and just then my taxi driver came walking in to see if I was here or not. He had been wait on the other side of customs and was wondering if he should keep waiting.

It was 34 degree C was I came out of the airport. As we drove to the guest house where I would be staying Rolland the taxi driver was giving me a Portuguese 101 lesson. I don't remember much of what he told me but I got some of it.

The place I am staying is called the Oasis, it is a guest house for missionaries who are passing through this area and need somewhere to stay or they just need to get away for a while. Two sisters Evangelina and Juanita run the place here. They are very nice ladies they have been here for over forty years.

Here is my house. It is bigger then I need, but it is nice.

A nice living room area, those are beds in the windows with the mosquito nets hanging over them.

No I don't have to sleep in the window. I get my own mosquito free paradise.
There is a little kitchen that I won't be using at all, because all the meals are provided. There is also a nice bathroom with a HOT shower, yes I was pretty excited about that. They also have wireless Internet here, which once again is such a blessing that I am trying not to take for granted.

Peter Wilcox was able to get my ticket rebooked, because I was originally supposed to have flown up to Lichinga this morning, but because of being a day late leaving Atlanta, that wasn't possible. Peter tried to book me for Monday morning but the flight was already full so that means I will be in Maputo till Tuesday morning. I am just really glad that I have come for about a month, because if I was here any shorter I would just be getting there in time to turn around and leave again. I am now getting there Lord willing three days later then I had thought I would. Juanita was sharing a few projects with me that need to be done here at the Oasis, so I might be able to work on some of them before I leave.


[Afro•Disiac] said...
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David Crawage said...

Hi Andrew

Good to see you have enjoyed staying at Evangeline and Juanita's Missionary Guesthouse I know them well but i have lost their e-mail address. Can you send it for me?


my e-mail address is

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've stayed in that same cottage and slept in that same bed! I love that place! And I love the environment as well. For those who want the email address, it is:
God bless,
Cliff Vincent