Friday, March 7, 2008

Gone to Missionsfest

My thumb is healing up well thankfully. It is healing much faster then I thought it would have.

Work is going well. It seems bathrooms are my thing now. Yesterday we just pulled the bathroom apart in my boss’s house. I only have 13 days left till I leave and I have to make sure that the bathroom is done before I go. Last night I was over again at a friend’s house and got most of the base board all put down for them. I hope to get back and finish it up next week sometime. I don't think I have one free day left before I leave, seems like there is lots that has to be done. It is a good thing I decided not to leave on March 5 or 6 like I was originally planning to do.

Right now I a leaving to go to Toronto to Missionsfest at the congress center and I will be there till tomorrow night. Missionsfest is held each year and it is an opportunity for mission organizations to let people know how they can be involved in missions locally and world wide. I will be helping at the Teen Missions booth so if you are in the area drop in I would love to see you.

We are supposed to be getting a big snow storm here today or tonight sometime and I am going to be spending the night with my grandparents up in Orangeville, so I hope the roads aren't too bad.

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