Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Winter Wonderland

Shirley, Dorci, Lasta and I went out for breakfast this morning before I left at about 9:15. They had done a lot of plowing thankfully had the parking lot and roads quite clear by then. It was a beautiful morning bright and sunny and it wasn't very cold or windy. The ladies where going to an Indonesian church this morning because Lasta and Dorci have had very little contact with other Indonesian speakers. I had a good drive home. I saw several accidents and people that slide of the road and were stuck in the snow banks and medians. It is easy to forget how slippery it is and drive a little to fast.

They definitely have more snow here then in Toronto. Almost half the driveways I passed on my way home were not cleared yet. Many people were out with their snow blowers and shovels. I took a few pictures; it does look quite nice I think.

There is a driveway down this side of the house under the snow there some where.
An excellent field for snowmobiling.
A country corner store.
Another beautiful site especially with the nice flag flying.
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