Sunday, March 16, 2008

Take off in 1, 2, 3, 4 days

One week from today I will arrive in Lichinga Mozambique. I leave on Wednesday, but I won't get to where I am headed till Saturday afternoon. I still have nothing packed. Maybe it would make more sense for me to just leave my bags packed between trips it would save time probably. Then some time I would go to Siberia and all I would have would be sandals and shorts or something. Maybe I better just pack for each trip.

I had a full day finishing up base board and painting at my friend’s place. I got there shortly after 9 this morning and didn't leave till ten to seven this evening. Jobs seem to always take longer then you think but hey at least it is done. This evening I went to Rob and Ada's place (that is my brother and sister in law) they have a bunch of young people over every other Saturday for a Bible study. Tonight we were studying prayer. It is a much bigger topic then you can cover in one evening but we trying to share so answered prayers and really try to get a grasp that God does answer prayer and He wants to. We all know this but at times, we get discouraged because we have been praying about certain things for so long and it doesn't look like they are being answered. We need to share with each other about answered pray as an encouragement to keep on praying.

A picture of Lichinga, Mozambique where I will be Lord willing for the next five weeks. The place I will be is within walking distance of the airport, up in the top right corner. Hey, this is Africa we are talking about, who knows how far walking distance is.

The sun setting last night. I saw it when the sun was a little higher but by the time I pulled the truck to the side of the road and got my camera out it was going down fast. I think the clouds just look so awesome. Looks like God just took His finger and wiggled it back and forth a little and streaked the clouds. He is God He can do that.

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Tim & Steph said...

I love the sunset picture, Andrew! It does look like God just "wiggled His finger" for our benefit. We have such a great God - we owe Him all we have!