Thursday, March 20, 2008

Still Waiting in Atlanta

This morning I was up at 6am and tried to call to Mozambique to let people there know about my flight changes. I was not able to get through to anyone. Thankfully I did receive an email from the guys that are supposed to be picking me up in Johannesburg and they are fine with getting me a day later. It is good they are flexible.

Me, Alice and Veronica at the Waffle House.

We went out for breakfast at Waffle house. We had a good time, we tried to get a hold of Cesar to see if he wanted to come with us but we had the wrong room number for him so we couldn't get him. He was coming into the Lobby just as we were getting back so we all sat and chatted in the Lobby for quite a while. Just before noon Alice, Veronica and I checked out and caught a shuttle back to the airport. We had lunch together then I helped them get to their gate and then went and found mine.

I am sitting here at my gate as I write this. Please pray that I catch this flight because I am still only on standby for this flight and I will only know for sure about 10 - 45 minutes before take off. I was finally able to call the Wilcox in Mozambique and they had gotten my email and had already made necessary changes there.

God has been leading and providing for this trip right from the beginning. Shortly before I left I didn't have any money at all, to cover my flight within Mozambique and any other expense I would have along the way, like Hotels. God met my needs again in time and He was testing once again to see if I was going to trust Him. Thank you to each one of you who have prayed and gave in other ways. You know who you are even though I might not. Here I sit again waiting to see what God is going to do and it is exciting, really. It was worth the 24 hour wait here to get to meet the people I did. God has blessed us with Christian brothers and sisters all over the world and it is nice when we meet and share so much in common.

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