Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Last night we went out and got family pictures done. We had eleven adults and four kids which was the biggest group that studio has ever had. I will post some of those pictures later this evening hopefully.

I decided that since I am leaving tomorrow then I should probably get somethings packed. This morning I found out that I have a 25kg(55lb) weight limit once I get into Mozambique, normally when you fly internationally you get 45Kg(100lbs) but once I am flying domestic in Mozambique that changes. I am only about 40lbs over weight so I am supposed to be able to pay a little extra and take more luggage. If not I will be leaving somethings in Maputo, Mozambique. Ya I think packing does get easier the more you do it and I think I am forgetting less now, well hopefully.

After I was finished packing my sister Joia thought that we should make donuts. We us to do this together but it has been several years since we last did. We had fun like the good old days.

Glazing the donuts
The finished product glazed, some with peanuts and some with ground chocolate.

And of course you should always taste test your food.

I found Keenan strolling around on the ceiling and figured I had better take him down.

Tomorrow morning my friend will take me to the Airport in Detroit. I fly out of there at about 2pm and fly down to Atlanta. Then from there I fly to Dakar Senegal and on to Johannesburg, South Africa where I have a 16 hour lay over. Friday morning I then fly to Maputo, Mozambique and I have a 22hour lay over there. Thankfully someone will be picking me up in Johannesburg and in Maputo to go and have some fellowship and sleep instead of sitting in the airport all that time. After 25 hours of flying and 38 hours of lay overs Lord willing I will arrive in Lichinga late morning on Saturday.

I am looking forward to a good trip. Thankfully the Wilcox's have been so good and set up my flights with in Mozambique, because I wasn't able to from this end.

I don't know what the Internet situation will be like there I might not be able to post on here while I am there. I will probably be able to send emails so if you read my blog and you don't think I have your email address and you would like to receive my emails, then please email me andywd40@gmail.com your address.

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