Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am snowed in.

I had a good drive up to Toronto yesterday. Missionsfest has been very slow this year because the snowy weather. It has been good I have met a few people who personally know friends of mine in Zambia and Malawi. Last night I drove up to Orangeville to my grandparents which is about an hour from where Missionsfest is. I got there at about 11pm and they had stayed up till I got there. I hadn't expected them to, but I was glad to see them we chatted for a bit and had some toasted and headed off to bed.

This morning I left my grandparents place by shortly after 9am. It was a slow drive this morning because there was a little more snow on the roads then last night. Today I met some friends from North Carolina that I made back in 2004 and I hadn't see them since. Again it has been very slow day at missionsfest today because they are predicting a big snow storm coming. We only got about six inches here in Toronto that is nothing in comparison to the 24 inches they got at home. I am spending the night in the hotel next to the Congress Center where Shirley, Dorci and Lasta are staying. I could hardly get into the hotel parking lot to park. I kept getting stuck, there were a couple snow plows around put they didn't seem to be moving any snow.

I will wait the night out here and maybe I can drive home in the morning. They are saying this is maybe the largest snow storm this winter. Hundreds of flights are canceled at Toronto International airport.

Here we are at our booth just sitting there like we did for a good portion of the time. From right to left, Lasta, Shirley, Dorci (pronounced Dorchy) and me. Lasta and Dorci came to Canada about three months ago from Indoniesia and they will be here for 3 years. They are helping at the Canadian Teen Missions office.

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