Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why Am I Still Here?

Some have been wondering why I am still in Arizona when i said I was returning to Mexico on Tuesday or Wednesday. Ya sorry I guess I didn't tell you all my change of plans. I had planned to go back to Hermosillo on a bus but then Wendell was going to be driving back down there on Thursday and he offered for me to ride along with him. He has to pick up two guys in Tucson and then take them to Hermosillo as well. This gave me more time to experience the Grand Canyon and do a few other things as well. Wendell and Donna have been such a blessing to me and it has been a privilege to stay with them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew
What awesome pictures you have taken!! I love reading of all your travels, you are so blessed to get to see so much of this beautiful planet earth.
Glad you all made it to your destination safely.
Cheryl in Norwich

Steph said...

Your title sounds like you're pondering the meaning of life, or something... =) Your pic's are great - glad you posted so many!

Anonymous said...

Why is this post still here?
(At the top of your blog I mean)
I'm just kidding. I've heard you've been working REALLY hard.
Hope everything's going well. Give everyone else big hugs from us.
Love Rebekah