Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Week to Go

I went to the young peoples meeting Friday evening. I was surprised I understood about fifty percent of what was said. That is a record for me. John was speaking about how important it is to choose good friends. Afterwards we had something to eat and I took my rope tricks and juggling balls and we had fun with them. The guys really like the rope tricks.

A couple friends Daniel and Jairo

John and Michelle Dennison took all the young people out for Tacos Sunday night and they invites this old guy to come along.

Well here it is folks my second home here in Hermosillo, it seems I spend about half my time here. This is the church building that I have been working on.

The auditorium is coming along and most of the upstairs is done except for painting trim and a few odds and ends.

This basement is big it may not look like it but try mopping it. I mopped for nine hours and some ladies mopped for two hours before we got it done. No it's not that I am such a slow mopper either. We were having to go over the floor three times to get of the drywall mud and clean the floor really well for the stain they going to put on the concrete.

Here is a view from the other end. That will be a kitchen back in the corner with two large serving windows.

Here is the ceiling I put up to replace the soaked drywall. We think we have the leaks in the baptistery all fixed now.

Oh since I mentioned the urinals that took me so long to install I figured I would show you a picture. Ladies these are only in the guys bathroom that's why you may have never seen them before.

Monday morning John and I went to the Hall to just clean the floor with this acid that your are supposed to clean the floor with before you stain it. We thought it would only take a few hours. Well the acid would have worked fine but when they poured the concrete they put this white stuff on top that is like a rubber. It was to keep the concrete from drying to fast and cracking. We had to get that off otherwise the stain wouldn't stick. We had to get Muriatic Acid to take it off.

This is what the floor looks like when the acid is at work.

Tim is applying the acid with a water can.

After two days 46 gallons of Muriatic Acid and lots of scrubbing we got the floor mostly done now we have to go back and clean the floor really well. I was home by 5pm for the first time since I got here. I feel like I only put in about half a day today cause I didn't even work quite nine hours. Well I am just kidding about the half day part.

Sounds like tomorrow a bunch of us are going to take off in the mid afternoon and go to the beach. I guess I have to see it at least once before I go. I still haven't got a chance to get to the pool, but hopefully I will before I leave. I leave one week from tomorrow. They have moved the official opening date from Oct 5 to the 19th.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Now I know why you haven't had time to post. The Hall looks GREAT and I'm sure they're so happy to have your help!
Maybe your time in Florida will be more relaxing? Come home for a rest; it'll be great to see you again.
Love Rebekah
PS- The sand is finally in the walkway and the front garden (big one) is done!

Anonymous said...

Andrew, thanks for the pictures. Glad to see all the progress. Ur doing a fantastic job. Enjoy your last week in Hermosillo.

Joia said...

The hall is beautiful! Wow, that floor is a TON of work for you guys! =0/ Bet you can't wait for that part to be done!

Mom said...

Good job Andrew!