Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sites of Hermosillo

Saturday morning Tim and I went to the Hall and worked for a few hours putting the last few gallons of stain on the floor that we had left. We are about five gallons short. Someone is supposed to be bring more down from Phoenix Sunday evening.

We worked till lunch time then went back to the house for lunch. In the afternoon Tim took me out to see a few things around the city.

Looking over the city from a large hill.

This is where I took the pictures from over looking the city.

The white square building is City Hall I think then across from it is a big Catholic Cathedral.

You can see a lot of these colors around these days because they just celebrated their independence on Sept 16.
Viva Mexico.

City Hall a little closer up.

The Cathedral
Certainly no expense was spared here. It is amazing how much money must have gone into and continues to go into it to keep it up.

Looking up at the ceiling into one of the dooms, complete with paintings and stained glass windows.

Sunday evening all of the young people went out again. We went out for hot dogs and then to Dairy Queen. I was surprised that they have Dairy Queen and it taste like home.

Well I had better get to bed I am going to have a couple of busy work days before I leave.


Joia said...

Beautiful pics!

Let me guess, you ordered a Mexican Peanut Buster Parfait at DQ? =)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying not to be a blog hog (posting first on all the family's blogs) but it seems like I've waited an appropriate amount of time, and no one has jumped on it, so here I am. I love all the pictures, and am glad that you finally got to see a little scenery. I'm not sure if I WANT to visit since all they do is put their company to work! Just kidding, but since I have many fewer skills than you do, maybe I'll get to spend more time at the pool!
Happy travels! We will continue to pray for you!
Love Rebekah (and Mark)

Anonymous said...

Haha! She JUST beat me to it!
Funny stuff!

Andrew said...

No Joia I didn't get the Peanut Buster Parfait. I seriously considered it but I decided on a Butter Finger Blizzered.