Thursday, September 18, 2008

Long Over Due.

Here is the post I promised. It was a week ago today that Wendell and I left Phoenix and headed down here.

Wendell and Donna Hart

Just a few minutes after we left Wendell's place we had just gotten on the freeway and we had a blow out, while going 70 mph and we were in the fast lane which meant we had to cross four lanes to get of the road.

Wendell is change the tire while I take pictures. We each know our role.

We were supposed to be picking up two guys that were flying into Tucson. We had left in plenty of time until the tire blew and then we had to go and get two new tires on the front of the van. We ended getting to the airport half an hour later but it worked out well Dave and Paul were only waiting for five minutes. God is Good. Paul is an electrician and Dave is an electrical engineer so they came down for a week to put in all the lights and get the electrical end of things all finished up. They just flew back to New Jersey today. They got pretty well all the electrical done except for a couple things that they didn't have supplies for, so I think I am supposed to finish them up.

When we arrived here a week ago it was hard to see how the church building could be done by Oct 5 but things have come along well and I think it is possible if we keep at it. I have been doing some electrical work like putting in a lot of receptacles and I have also been doing a lot of plumbing. These are probably the two areas that I have the least experience when it comes to building. Don't get me wrong I am not saying I don't know anything when it comes to these things but God is giving me a chance to learn more. In the last week I have plumbed five sinks three toilets and two urinals. The two urinals were a really challenge but I just finished them tonight. Ok I will quit talking about urinals.

Wendell is prepping the baptistery for paint. He designd and made it.

Wendell and another man from Phoenix made the pulpit as well. Quite the work of art.

This is what the building looked like when we arrived minus the lights.

All the ceiling in all the rooms are suspended ceilings. That made for a lot of tiles that we had to put up. Also the ceiling in one of the small rooms fell down because the guy that installed it didn't put up enough support wires. Wendell and I got to put it back up. We also hung some up in a couple small rooms in the basement. This is another thing that I haven't done before. There has just been so many odd jobs to be done we have been putting in long days trying to make sure that everything will be done in time.

Sunday night we went out for tacos at Jaas. Excellent food.

They thought this was a special moment when the last ceiling tile upstairs was going in.

Dave, Tim, Paul and Wendell
Tuesday morning we took a crew picture before Wendell left.

Wendell got the baptistery tank all painted on the inside and the drain all hooked up before he left, but we didn't bother filling it with water before Dave put up some drywall on the ceiling in the basement under the tank. That was a mistake. We filled it up yesterday afternoon and as it was filling kept going down and checking to see if the was any water and there wasn't any and then just as it was getting up to the right height it started leaking like crazy. Agau was pouring down and coming through the drywall. I had to take the drywall down to see where it was leaking. Dave was rather disappointed to see all his hard work destroyed but he made sure he got some pictures. It seems that the leak isn't as bad as it first looked. There are a couple of bolts that are close to the top of the tank that we just have to seal around better we think.

Here I am very carefully removing the drywall. Not

Two of the girls were having a great time removing the rest of the drywall by hacking at it with hammers.

Last night John Dennison took us out for supper so Dave and Paul could have there last Mexican spread before they left.

This was my meals three tacos with all the fixins. The stuff up in the top right corner was deep fried cow fat. Sound good, well it didn't taste good, why am I surprised. It wasn't mine it was for everyone. I am pretty sure it was free too.

Here is the whole gang. Jake, Mike, Eleo, Michelle, Bonnie, Gary, Paul, John, Dave, Nathan and Bradey

I will try to get some more pictures on here to show the progress of the work soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can definitely see why you haven't had time to post! It looks like you're keeping about as busy as usual:) Thanks for the pictures and the update. Looks like you might have to come home for a vacation! Have you made it to the pool yet?

Andrew said...

No I haven't gotten to the pool yet. Maybe one of these days, when I have some free time.

Mom said...

Good job! Miss you, Long Over Due not "Do". Oh well, Did you mean Wendell designed the baptistry??

Glad you are enjoying taco world...

Love, Mom