Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day @ Grand Canyon

Here are some of the ruins and things I visited on my way to the Canyon.

These rooms are thought to have been built in the side of this cliff by natives in the 1100's.

Here is what it is supposed to have looked like inside.

I just couldn't walk by and not take a picture of these little fellows.

Budding cactus of some sort.

A lava flow.

This ruin is in the picture below.

My little Caliber, we have become best buddies. Too bad he has to go home tomorrow.

The scenery as I neared the Canyon.

There were some smaller canyons along the way as well.

Ya, I guess that's me.

Another one of the pre-canyons.

I was really there and here is the proof.

I got my first good view of the Canyon from this tower called Desert Tower.

Well folks here it is the Grand Canyon. I am sorry these next pictures didn't turn out the best because it was very overcast. the pictures I took today are better.

I had to see how close I could get to the edge. I have gotten closer, you'll see later.

Ah, it's me again.
People these day they are so concerned about getting good pictures that they had to snap a picture before they would help me. What do you think of that?

That it the Bright Angel trail way down there.

I am going to go find some supper and when I return I will post pictures from day 2.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures Andrew! It looks like you're having a GREAT tine! I think it's definitely somewhere Mark and I would like to go!
Have a good trip!

Say Go Do Fondation said...

HEY! We have a very similar vision! I would love to chat with you about the trips you take and invite you to look over my blog.

my e-mail is saygodofoundation@yahoo.com

Bachelor Paul said...


Andrew said...

Yes Rebekah I am having great time and I think you both would enjoy it when you get the chance.

Joia said...

Amazing pictures, Andrew! I Love the one of you hanging over the wall! =)

I'm so jealous that you got a Caliber! The picture of you with it looks like a commercial! =)

Andrew said...

Ya Joia I was pretty excited to get the Caliber. I thought it looked like a picture for a commercial as well. It is funny how many Calibers are out there. On time I almost went to unlock the wrong one someone parked two spaces from where I did and I got mixed up and thought it was mine.