Thursday, September 4, 2008

We're in Albuquerque, New Mexico

We left St. Thomas about noon on Monday and he a very smooth boarder crossing. Thank the Lord. We only made in to Fort Wayne, Indiana by Monday evening we had hoped to get farther.

Kyla, Steph, Tim, Mika and Shaelyn in front of the truck before setting out on our journey.

Here we are stopped at a rest area for lunch. The two people on the left are Gary and Bonnie Steph's parents.

Kyla's having a little lunch as well

Who says this is only for boys?

I like clean wind shield so I was always squeegeeing them when we stopped for fuel.

Here's Kyla just so excited to be going to Mexico.

Steph and Bonnie making sandwiches for us.

We were a little bit behind because we didn't get as far as we had wanted on Monday, so we put in a 16 hour day yesterday and got us all the way to Tulsa, OK. We went for 12 hours today and we were able to in to the hotel by 9pm, earlier then we have other nights. We even got to take a dip in the pool this evening as well.

I need to get to bed, because Tim and I are going to leave earlier then the other in the morning with the truck, because it cannot go as fast as the van because it is governed. The others will come on long in the van later and catch up with us. We are hoping to be in Phoenix, AR by 3pm . Thanks for your prayers.


Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

How cool that you've been able to blog! I just jumped on here and thought I'd check, but didn't really expect anything to be here! It's fun to "watch" you guys as you go!

James said...



Anonymous said...

I love love love the pictures, especially with the ones of people with the truck! No, they're all great! Thanks so much for blogging them.
We miss you and love you all! Give our nieces lots of kisses for us,
Love Uncle Mark and Auntie Bekah

Mom said...

Keep those blog entries and pictures coming, love you all, Miss you SO much...