Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beach Day/ Burritos

Wednesday I just worked part of a day. John and I worked together in the morning and then Tim and I worked together in the afternoon till three. Yes we will still cleaning the floor. In the afternoon a group of about 25, a the missionaries families and a bunch of the young people piled into a few vans and we went to the beach. It was a very nice beach the water was a perfect temperature just a little salty for me, but that's the ocean and I cannot change it.

Shaelyn using her watering can to wash shells.

Mika collecting shells.

Kyla taste testing the sand.

I was able to catch a few pelicans in the sunset.

Thursday evening after meeting all the young people went out for burritos, because it was Eleo's birthday.

Here is her birthday cake with matches as candles.

All of us enjoying or burritos. Eloe is the third from the left.
I had the Super Burro Grande Burrito. Everyone had all these stories that it was going to be half a meter long so I had to order it and find out just how long it was.

Yes, it was big, but not half a meter. I wasn't able to quite eat it all.

After the burritos we drove up on top of the mountain in the center of Hermosillo. We had a really good view of the city from there. I don't have any good pictures of the city. I didn't have my camera with me. Eloe gave me her pictures from the evening.

Well day six of mopping and cleaning the floor came around today. You would think that the floor should all be worn away by new. I figure all the mopping we have done would be equivalent to about the area of 3/4 of a Football field. Finally by 2pm today w the floor was finally ready for the stain. Tim and I put on 8 gallons of stain. It is turning out much darker then everyone thought but it still looks good.

Tim is way down at the end back rolling the stain that we have sprayed on.

Because we mopped so much the mops were wearing out and little piece of mop were all over the floor. We were trying to figure out how we could clean them up because they were loose and blowing around on the floor. Me decide to get some duck tape and wrap it sticky side out on a paint roll and then we had a jumbo lint roller. It worked really slick.

I only have three more days of work left here. On Wednesday Tim is going to drive me up to Tucson and I fly out at 5:30am on Thursday to Tampa to go to my cousins wedding. There is a group of three guys coming here Sunday evening for a week to fell finish up the work on the hall. We're not under quite so much pressure now with a few more hands to help.

I appreciate the emails that you have sent to me thanks so much for letting us know you haven't forgotten about us and that you are praying for us. I have sensed many times while working here that the Lord has given me helping in figuring out of to do different things or how to fix something. I know that the Lord is answering your prayers. Thanks so much


Anonymous said...

You really posted at 2:35 am? Now THAT'S dedication. Sorry tyour time there is almost up. I know they'll miss you a lot.
Thanks for the pictures and the updates. It's nice to see what's going on in our family's lives.
Love Rebekah
PS- Both Mark and I were suitably impressed with your giant lint roller! Duct tape works for everything!

Andrew said...

Rebekah I would have posted that at 11:35pm with the three hour time difference that's why it seemed I posted so early.