Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out of Africa

On my way back to Phoenix today I took the scenic route. I took a windy road through Sedona where Tim drove me up to on our way down. I put a few pictures on here of some of the cool red rock formations. Well here are a few more.

On the way to Sedona there is a place called Slide Rock State Park. It is place where the water has carved basically water slides in the rock. Wendell told me about it and I wanted to stop and try it out. When I stopped this morning at 9am the temperature was only 53 F outside and I am sure the water wasn't nearly that warm. I figured since I was there I had better try it out. I gave my camera to a lady and she took a few pictures of me just in case I only could do it once. I slid down about four times and then I was cold enough so I stopped.

Going through the water slide.

Wendell also told me about Out of Africa. It is also on the way back to Phoenix and since I hadn't done anything exciting in the last few days I thought I would go and check it out.

Here we have a 2500lb Rhinoceros who sleeps wherever he feels like.

Oh I know you are all wishing you could just have this little Burmese Python as your pet. He would make a better pet than a lot of snakes. I got to pet him and he is pretty friendly as far as snake s go.

Ain't he just so cute?

Here we have an Anaconda.

Again another friendly snake as long as he is kept well feed.

I an not sure this would be the most comfortable sitting position for me but it doesn't look to bad for him.

He is eating a carrot.

You ever have one of these days?

He has his eye on something.

I think this is a Leopard, looks more like a sleopard to me.

Do you know how hard it was to get him to smile?

I think the above picture was just getting ready to do this.
Now that is a fine looking cat.

Hyena, wow I have never heard one laugh as much as this fellow when he was getting feed. It was making everyone laugh just listening.

She just looks like a big Teddy Bear.

Ok, if not a snake how about a Panther for a house pet?

Yes I think you're teeth look fine but just floss a little more between the molars.

This Tiger fell in the bleach I think.

Is he black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

This little guy is just a couple months old.

Sorry I didn't catch this guys name. I am told that these have been known to kill Lions so I guess that's what the spears on his head are for. This one was pretty friendly as you can see in the next picture he stepped in the bus door for some treats.

Ya his name slips my mind as well. He is from South Africa though.

We got to feed Mr. Dromedary some carrot sticks.

Here our bus driver put a treat in his mouth and the Giraffe couldn't see in so he was licking him all over his face with his 15 inch tongue trying to get the treat.

Whach you looken at?

We got to watch them go around and feed the animals. This tiger is pretty excited about catching a turkey and the best part was the feathers were already off. He didn't say it but I know that's what he was thinking.

This guy didn't tell me his name either.

If the Panther wouldn't cut it how could you ever say no to Little Lemur?

This post just might have the most pictures of any yet. Well that about sums up my time here in Arizona. Tomorrow morning Wendell and I will be driving back to Mexico. I guess the vacation is over now. I am looking forward to going back to Mexico now.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures and very 'woodford' captions - hee hee:)

Andrew said...

Thanks Laura I will take that as a compliment.

Joia said...

Hey, fun pictures! I don't remember hearing about/knowing about this place when we were there! How cool that you could take so many great pictures with no cages in the way!