Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 2

Just as I was leaving the hotel to go and get some supper I realized there was a bad rain storm going on. As I was leaving five people just pulled up on motorbikes and they were rather wet. I went to Chilli's for supper. I have eaten there before and really enjoyed it, but tonight I got the fried steak. Well they called it steak and it was deep fried. I think they just battered a piece of sandwich meat and throw it in the oil. If you couldn't tell by now, no it wasn't all that great. Oh well that what I get for trying something new.

If you are wondering where I am I am back in Flagstaff again tonight. I was going to get a hotel in Tusyan last night which is just a mile outside of the park but all the hotels were full there. I had to drive and hour to Flagstaff last night and then an hour back this morning. I was wondering if I should drive all the way back there today or not. I am so glad that I did because I didn't hike down in to the canyon at all.

I arrived at the South Kaibab Trail head at 9am. I hiked down to Skeleton Point which is a 6 mile walk round trip and it is 2,000 ft below the rim. I was pacing myself very carefully. The have to rescue about 250 people a year out of the canyon and most of them are males ages 18 - 40 and I really didn't want to be one of those. It was well worth it and I am so glad I did it. I wish I had the time to have hiked all the way down to the driver but they have warning signs everywhere saying not to try to hike to the river and back in one day. So I was a good boy and obeyed.

My first view of the trail heading into the abyss.

You can see how the trail switches back and forth.

I don't think I need to say anything for these Canyon pics they say it better then I can, but even the pictures cannot really do it justice.

I am not sure what this plant was but I thought it was kind of cool looking.

They have mules and if you can't or don't want to hike down you can ride a mule down and back.

Can you believe these little squirrels cause more injuries to humans then any other animals. They have signs everywhere telling people not to feed the wildlife but of course most people don't obey them. Most of the squirrels you see look like they need to get a lot more exercise because people feed them so much. Anyways while people are feeding them I guess they end up getting bitten and some of the squirrels have rabies. They say they have to treat eight to ten people a week at the clinic because they have been bitten. I guess they are mean little creators.

Where does it end?

They also have pack mules because they have to get supplies down to the bottom were they have a lodge and they supply meals and other things.

These were the switch backs that were just down from were I stopped hiking and turned around. Down this trail it is 7 miles from the rim to the camp at the bottom, so I didn't go quite half way.

Can you see the hikers way down below?

Yes I have been to the edge and back.

This guy/gal just wouldn't raise it's head out of the bushes for me. He wasn't concerned at all that I was there he was to busy eating. It must have been a guy.

Well I think that is about it. If you ever get a chance to go. Just do it. Oh and just so you know some of those pictures might have made it look like I was in a little more danger then I was. Sorry Mom.


Anonymous said...

great post Andrew!!

Mom said...

Yeah, yeah, it's all in the definition of "dangerous" = )

Mom again said...

But really GREAT pictures...!

Joia said...

Again, more awesome pictures... When Philip and I went, we hiked the Kaibab trail too! How cool! Some of your pictures are almost identical to ours!

Large parts of the trail were ice covered when we went... I think I would have liked it much better now (except for the heat).

Did you take All of them by yourself? We were wondering how you got so far from the camera (and climbed up on stuff) in time? I'm impressed...=)

Andrew said...

I took most of the self portraits my self Joia but a few of them others helped me with. Any were I climbed up on things or I was a long ways away I did myself. I have a 30 second timer on my camera so as far as I can run in 30 seconds was my limit.