Sunday, January 13, 2008

We Finally Have a Tub.

We ran into a few small problems installing the tub and spent all day working on it, but by 4:15pm we had it in, the water lines all hooked up and it was full of water.

On Fridays they have a children's meeting at 4:30pm and then a Bible study at 6:30. After the meetings we came back to the house for supper. It was Tenley's Birthday(She is Trevor's daughter) she turned 5. They had a pinata for her and the little kids, including me, all had a blast hitting it but they weren't doing much damage so I finally had to give it a couple hits so they could get the candy out. Here are some of the kids that are around here. Simon, Tenley, pinata Kitty, Levi, Andrew, Alysia(Trevor's wife) and Logan. Trevor and Alysia's youngest son Jace who is 4 months old is the only one that is missing. We have a ratio of one child to one adult here.

Tenley attacking the poor kitty.

The decapitated pinata

Tenley seeing what it is like to be a pinata.

Later on after supper at about 10 I thought I would go for a swim in the tub. Well I didn't get to swim but I thought while I was in there I would do some work, so I did some parging around the tub so it will be ready for tiles on Monday, because I knew we would be gone all day Saturday.

Saturday we left for Tepic at 8:30am and met Don and Berna(friends of J&N) for breakfast. Had a great time with them, then we went down to the market by the city square. Didn't have much time before we had to leave because we were expected at the Camacho's for lunch. They are some Christians that go to the same church as J&N. We had an awesome lunch with them and left around 5. We went back to the market because Trevor and Alysia had a few more things they wanted to get before they leave on Tuesday to go back to Canada. We had a good time strolling around the market for a few hours.

Before leaving Tepic we had to go to the world's best Taco stand and eat a few. I had eaten so much at lunch I thought I only had room for one taco but they are so good I had a couple more. We got back here to Santiago at 10 and I think we have all had a long day and a ready for some horizontal meditation(sleep).

Accept for Trevor and Corinne(James sister she came down at the beginning of December to help Nelly out with the kids especially once the new baby comes) they seem to be quite interested in watching Bambi #2, Trevor is 30 and Corinne is 19 but they still seem to find it quite captivating by it. I also just took James down to the burger stand he will be help finish up and bring the stand back around 12:30am. Makes for some short nights for him at times.

Well this is the end of my first work week here. It really feels like we are making good progress now.


Judy said...

Woo, nice tub!! Good job Andrew, Hi to everybody!

Holly Wagner said...

Great job, Andrew! Im glad to hear that everything is going well! I must say though, Im a bit jealous that your getting real tacos. :)