Friday, January 18, 2008

One Down, One To Go

After two and a half months and an assortment of problems, we now have a pretty well finished bathroom. The floor is grouted and the toilet is in and the sink is in temporarily while we are waiting on a vanity to be made. I will try to post a picture or video clip of the finish product here soon.

Yesterday James started feeling under the weather and is still not feeling top notch. It might be because of the weather. It has been getting down to 11 C at night and several of us are battling colds, soar throats and stuffy noses.

Today I started pulling the second bathroom apart. Robert help me a lot for which I am very thankful. We broke the concrete floor out, took off six rows of tile and removed all the old drain pipes. We are planning to replace every bit of copper pipe we can get our hands on so that we don't have to pull the floor up three times, hopefully.

Before the demolition


Judy said...

Good job Andrew, it must be a huge relief to have the other one done finally. I haven't had any success up to now at leaving a comment on your blog so I am trying again here to see if it will work.

Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Hey, congrats on having the other bathroom done! It looks so good! Tell Nelly I'm super jealous of that big tub! (But she sure deserves to have a nice place to relax with all those little boys running around!) =)

Holly Wagner said...

Awesome!!! Glad that one of the bathrooms are finished!