Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back At It Aagin

Yesterday I started back on the bathroom project. Things are coming along faster then the first bathroom, for which we are very thankful. I still haven't put any screws through any water lines yet in this bathroom, so that is saving a lot of time.

Yesterday I put in an electrical outlet and then put about thirty of the original tiles back on. I had about twenty of them that just fell of the wall when I was chiseling because they were not originally stuck on very well. I also parged around all the new water pipes I put in.

Last night I went down and spent sometime with James at the burger stand. I had to go and have a burger with him. I had already had supper but it was about 10pm, so I figured it was just a evening snack.

Today I put about half of the tiles on the wall, while everyone else except for James went to the beach for a few hours. They all came back looking like tomatoes. Then late this afternoon we mixed up concrete and pour the bathroom floor. We want to pour the shower floor separate because it is lower and it all has to be sloped towards the drain. Hopefully we can pour the rest of the floor tomorrow and get most of the tiles on the wall.

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