Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some Good Progress

Yesterday I had to start off with fixing some water lines that James and Trevor had dug up in the bathroom floor that had started leaking about three weeks after I left. We are still not sure why the pipes are corroding. I had to cut out a good portion of the drain pipe to get to the copper lines that needed to be replace. I had to go to the hardware store and by several different pipe fittings and some different kinds of pipe and James wasn't there to help me because he and Trevor were in Tepic all day. With a lot of hand gestures and drawing some pictures I was able to get everything I needed.

The reinstalled pipes

Last night Trevor and I went down to the burger stand that James has and got a couple burgers and then we helped for the last hour with making orders and clearing tables. We had let James stay home and go to bed because he wasn't feeling well. Then at about midnight we brought the burger stand back to his place. I was too tired to post then when we got back.

This is James Burger stand if you hadn't seen a picture of it before.

Today, Trevor was working with me and we mixed concrete and got the floor repoured and we put in some of the remaining cut pieces of tile along the bottom of the wall.

The repaired floor

Tile setting

An iguana I found hanging on the wall when I was moving somethings.

I am loving the food here we had an awesome shrimp lunch today and I think we are supposed to be having crab or Lobster tomorrow, neither of which I have had. Maybe I will have to try some iguana sometime.

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