Sunday, January 6, 2008

8 More Hours

I will be leaving early tomorrow morning at about 1:30am or so. My boss has been so generous and is going to take me to the Airport in Detroit. (Thanks for being willing to get up so early John.) I flight out at 6:15am to Denver and then on to Puerto Vallarta.

My sister Joia and her son Keenan came here yesterday afternoon. We haven't seen here in a few months because she lives in Florida. Here husband Philip is a doctor in the Air Force there and doesn't get much time off. Today all my sibling minus Philip were here and a couple of my aunts, my uncle and a few cousins and nieces. They all came mainly to see Joia and Keenan and it was a good chance for me to say goodbye to everyone. We also celebrated my Dad's Birthday which is actually is on Wednesday.

Me and my cute nephew Keenan.

The Whole Gang.

Back Row Left: Rob, Keenan, Joia, Kyla, Stephanie, Judy(Mom), Bruce(Dad), Rebekah, Mark, Ada, Me, Shaelyn, Tim and Marika.

I guess my next post will be from Mexico.

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