Thursday, January 24, 2008

Visit to Mazatlan

We arrived here in Mazatlan Monday evening at about 8pm. We had hopped to get three rooms together but all three of our rooms are on separate floors. It is a nice hotel here. James and Nelly have stayed here before and James know when they have discounted rooms.

My Room

A few shots from my balconiesLooking down from the 12th floor

Tuesday we went for a walk down the beach most of us has sweaters on, I didn't take one but I sure could have used one, because it was kind of cool. We were constantly approached by people wanting to sell us sunglasses and by the time we left the beach four us had bought some, they are great sales men. They have a nice pool here which we have been in a few times it is heated some so it is quite comfortable. Monday we went in the ocean for a bit but it was to cold to enjoy for long.
A chilly stroll on the beach

Wednesday we went to one of the markets here and strolled around for a while. Going places with six kids makes it quite interesting at times. A few of us have kids on our shoulders as we try to keep the others within site. It is a lot of fun most of the time.

James and Nelly trying some hats on.

Wednesday afternoon we spent a few hours in the pool and hot tub. We were giving swimming lessons to Levi, Simon and Andrew. For living so close to the ocean they spend very little time in the water, so they are still not quite to sure of it at times.


Holly Wagner said...

Yep...Im officially jealous..haha...glad your getting bit of a break from the work!! Have fun...but not to much.. ;)

Heather said...

Looks like a tough place to enjoy! (j/k)

Glad to see your time isn't all being spent in a bathroom.

Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Wow! Beautiful hotel and gorgeous view of the beach! How fun! You have taken some Great pictures!
I've missed you on here the last few days... =)