Sunday, January 20, 2008

And the Work Goes On

Here is the almost finished product. We are still trying to get a curtain rode. Corner tubs aren't usually used for showers so we are having to get a curtain rode custom made. A friend of James' is going to make a vanity as well. It is nice though, to be able to see some progress now.

I spent all of Saturday putting the new plumbing in the other bathroom. James helped me later on in the evening to finish it. We are now ready to pour the floor, we might get part of it done tomorrow before we leave for Mazatlan. We are hoping to go up there and spend a few days away from the daily routine here in Santiago.

I would appreciate your prayers for an upcoming trip. Lord willing a few day after returning from Mexico I will be leaving for Mozambique, probably around March 6th. Prayer for making travel arrangements and just the planning that a trip like this takes. There will be a group of about four men going. I am supposed to be making the travel arrangements, but I am having some problems getting the info I need.

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