Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Day in Mexico

I had a good trip here no problems really. My flight was a few minutes late leaving out of Denver which made us late into Puerto Vallarta and then it took them forever to get the Luggage in. I was probably at least half an hour later coming out of the airport then was expected. James, Trevor(James' brother) and a friend of James Don came and met me at the airport.

We went and had lunch at McDonald's and then we realized that we were running quite late . Were we were supposed to be in El Cora at 4:30 or 5pm because James and Trevor were to be preaching in a gospel meeting there, but it was already 3:00 when we were leaving McDonalds and it was at least a two hour drive.

We did finally arrive in El Cora at 5:50. El Cora is a small rural town of about 500 people. The people had come for the meeting and they waited for about an hour and then figured we weren't coming so they had all just gone home when we arrived. We drove around and told people that we were finally there and that there was still going to be a meeting. They also announced it over the town loud speaker as well. Not many please that they will announced a gospel meeting over the town loud speaker. There were about twenty people that came out. They have seen about 8 people accept the Lord as Savior in the last few months.

Here Trevor is speaking and James is interpreting for him.

A lonely horse tide up to a tree not to far away.

El Cora is a nice little place. They just hung up a few light bulbs under a couple mango trees and set up a few chairs and they shared the gospel. The gospel is a simple message so why can the setting be as well? We could hear the neighbours music playing in the background and a donkey making it's noise.

After the meeting we drove back to Tepic to drove off Don. The road from El Cora to Tepic has about 285 curves, I probably don't need to say anymore. We didn't arrive here in Santiago til about 10:30 and then I unpacked and by that time I had been up for over 24 hours and felt I should get some sleep so that is why I am posting this morning.

Thanks so much for your prayers.

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Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Hey bro! Glad to hear you got there safely and all... Hopefully your blog doesn't mean that I won't be getting a phone call or two from you (once I get back home) while you're gone, does it?

love you! =)