Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Ya sorry this post is so late. I have been out all day. I went to Sand Hills camp ground and they have a little think you can hardly call a beach with a bunch of young people and we didn't swim much because it felt like the glaciers finished melting only about a week ago. We played soccer and American football. We had a couple guys from Iowa and they humored us by playing soccer so we had to humour them by playing some football. It wasn't to bad.

The beach wasn't that great but we had a lot of fun on the sand hills.

It wasn't too much fun climbing but it was a lot of fun running down or rolling down.

A view from up top.

I would guess it was well over one hundred feet high.
After we were all tired out, we went to Swiss Chalet for supper and then caught some fire works in Burgessville. I am sorry I don't have the right setting on my camera for taking pictures of fireworks so I just had to do my best.


Mom said...

Looks like your fireworks pics. turned out pretty cool Andrew...!

Joia said...

I second that! The first one is so awesome I thought you were joking and had taken it off the internet! =)

Beautiful pictures at the beach! The one of you runnnng down looks soo much like Tim, I thought!

Juels said...

how are you?!

judging by a recent post, you did not go on a TMI trip this summer!
Summer w/o bootcamp, how will you ever survive? ;-)

So if your not tmi'n it up this summer, what are you upto?