Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Times

I am sorry tried to email this yesterday, but the internet wasn't working. So you have to read this as if it was yesterday. Yesterday Joia and I went out and did a little shopping and I bought a pair of sandals and flip flops. I know Mom you are thinking "Oh great more foot wear just what Andrew needs." Ya I will get rid of some. They were on sale and I got a really good deal because it is half way through the season and they want to sell them off I guess. Late in the afternoon yesterday we went and floated down Turkey creek in tubes. It is a pretty fast flowing creek and it was a lot of fun.

This morning we went to Calvary Chapel in Fort Walton Beach. After the service we went to a disc golf course and Philip and I played while Joia sat in the car and kept Keenan company while he slept. It was a pretty nice course and it was just recently made. It makes me want to play more often, maybe I will have to look into it.

This evening we went to a little park near here so that I, I mean Keenan could go play. Here are a few pics from our excursion.

A man with a mission.

A little tired out from trying to climb the slide.

A view across the water from the park.

Looking through the grass.

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