Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Birds & Butterflies

I got home from work today and mom told me we had a birds nest in a hanging flower pot on our porch. A Purple Finch has made a nest in there and mom noticed it flying out of the pot so she took it down to see what was there. The finch had laid four of her own eggs but there was a fifth egg and it was larger and a different colour. Dad did some looking on the net and found out the fifth egg was from a cow bird. She comes along and lays her egg with another bird's eggs and even sometimes kicks one egg out to put her own in. Then when the chicks hatch the cow bird steals all the food and the others end up dying, so dad removed the cow bird's egg.

Mom asked me to see if I could get a picture of the finch on her nest but I was not successful. I was only able to get a picture of the nest.

The impostor in the nest

While I had my camera out I thought I would take some pictures in the wheat field that we have around us. I am not sure if I have mentioned it on here or not, but I really like wheat fields and there are more than normal around this year.

I was hoping to get a picture of the Monarch flying but I was only able to get this picture then my batteries died and while I was changing my batteries it flew away. Dad was saying that Milk Weed is the only thing that the Monarch eats and that is what it is resting on, or feeding on.

My friends this is a wheat field. WOW Ok ok I know you're not as excited as I am.

Here are a few shots that looked kind of nice, I thought.


The Woodford's said...

Very cool pic's, Andrew! I like wheat fields too! =)


Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Cool story about the nest!

Great pictures of the wheat! Do you have photo shop??

Andrew said...

No, I don't have photo shop Joia, why?