Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rather Hot in Florida in More Then One Way.

Yesterday morning at about 2:45 I woke up shivering like crazy until about 5. I had a fever of 101.7 and well I was going to say I didn't feel all that hot but I actually did feel quite hot, I just didn't feel well. I spent a good part of the day in bed. I was able to help Joia make some cinnamon rolls for the brunch she was having here with a few of her friends. After they left I went back to bed for a while. I did go out and do a few things with Joia yesterday afternoon before we picked Philip up from work. When we got back to the house I had the chills and I put on some pants (I was wearing shorts prior to this just so you know) and borrowed one of Philips sweat shirts. We watched a movie last night called Heaven Falls. While we watched the movie I was all bundled up under a blanket trying to stay warm.

This morning the fever was pretty much gone, but I stayed in bed again for a good portion of the day because I just didn't have much energy. I got up to eat a little now and then or Keenan would bring me some food. I think it was supposed to be for me but he hated the thought of me having to eat it all by myself so he would stay and help to eat it with me. What a thoughtful little guy. I picked Philip up from work this evening because Joia was getting ready for their company that was coming over for supper. She made some excellent lasagna and some good chocolate, peanut butter cheese cake stuff. I am not sure what it's actually name was, but you get the idea.

I only have one day left here in the Sunshine State before Joia, Keenan and I fly up to Detroit Saturday morning.

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